Kay Hardy Campbell


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Writing -
Pursuing freelance writing opportunities relating to the Middle East, women's issues, business, music and the outdoors.

Novel - Kay's first novel, A CARAVAN OF BRIDES, is out now, published by Loon Cove Press. The book is available wherever books are sold. For those who prefer e-books, this link will show you all the places you can buy the e-book. Read more about the book here.

Blogging -
Kay blogs about her writing, anything and everything related to cabins, as well as Saudi women driving. Kay's news blog about the driving issue is the only information source of its kind, an on-line archive of the news stories about Saudi women driving going back three years.

School Presentations - Would your students benefit from an interactive presentation about the Middle East, Middle Eastern music, Saudi Arabia and its traditional culture, or the women of Saudi Arabia? Kay is available to design a presentation to fit the needs of your Middle East-related topics that will challenge assumptions and get students thinking about the region in a new way. Most importantly, she'll show your students how to explore the Middle East on their own with the Internet. Contact Kay for more information.

Music - Kay plays 'oud and violin in community and college ensembles.

Arabic Music Retreat 2018 - Kay is the Administrative Director of the Arabic Music Retreat. The Twentieth retreat will be held at Mount Holyoke College in August, 2018. Check the official web site of the Retreat for the latest news. Join our facebook group here. Or, join the Retreat's on-line email list by sending a blank e-mail to this link: Arabic Music Retreat Email List.

Dance, Folklore Classes, Henna Parties - Kay teaches Gulf and Saudi women's folk dances (Khaliji or Khaleeji dance) as well as simple folk songs to groups of women and girls. Kay is on the faculty of the Arab Dance Seminar. Upon request, Kay can combine class with a henna party and a live music performance. See Upcoming Events for currently-scheduled workshops. If you'd like to organize a Khaliji folkloric dance class, contact Kay.

Shoma Dance Theater Production: Kay wrote the script for Shoma, a dance theater production performed by the Jawaahir Dance Company in Minneapolis in 1998. In September 2016, Jawaahir restaged the show. Kay updated the script, and the performance featured more actors as well as a larger orchestra. At the center of it all is a bedouin folk tale, and more than a dozen dazzling dances choreogeraphed by the incomparable Cassandra Shore, director of the Jawaahir Dance Company. Information on the 2016 production is here.

In the 1998 production, Kay acted as music director, while playing oud and singing with an all-women Arabic music ensemble.. The show was produced by Cassandra Shore and the Jawaahir Dance Company of Minneapolis, and directed by Carolyn Goelzer. This full-length production played to sellout houses at Southern Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota in July, 1998. Based on the Bedouin tale told by a woman storyteller, Shoma combines storytelling, theater, poetry, Gulf and Saudi music, and traditional Middle Eastern dance. It features a small ensemble of women musicians, as well a company of actors and dancers. Sumptuous costumes are designed by Eileen O'Shaughnessey. Articles and reviews of Shoma. Here is another article about Shoma from the Twin Cities' City Pages. Slide show of Shoma (scroll to bottom of page for slide show).

Shoma is set at a women's wedding party in Saudi Arabia, where the mysterious elderly woman storyteller Shoma is invited to try to smooth the waters between the bride and groom's families. The bride's family is shockingly liberal, and the groom's family is ultraconservative. Shoma entertains the women guests by spinning a tale about a teenage shepherdess who gets lost in a desert sandstorm and is rescued by a handsome young man. Will she be allowed to marry him, even though he's from outside the tribe? Will her reputation be ruined and will her father forgive her because she spent time with the young man alone, lost in the desert? Only Shoma, the storyteller, knows how it will end. A shortened matinee version of Shoma was performed at the St. Paul, Minnesota Capital New Year Celebration in 1998 and 1999 at the Ordway Theater. The Jawaahir Dance Company is seeking performance opportunities for this timely production. For more information on Shoma, please contact Jawaahir Booking.